Company Commitments

Environment :

Mertiz Offset continues to reaffirm its’ position in the market as a company that really cares about the environment

by trying to reduce the harmful impact on nature and the surrounding environment, we continue to uphold this longstanding ‘green’ tradition.
We work with paper manufacturers producing PEFC and FSC certified paper.
These labels let us exclusively guarantee that the origin of the paper.

This means that both the bio-diversity of the environment from which the fiber originates, and the capacity of the environment to regenerate are secure.
Furthermore, these labels also include economic and social notions, in particular the conditions of work and the maintenance of local employment.


Good waste management. Reduction of waste in all steps of production (paper, ink, packaging…)

99% recycling waste (using paper compactor, use of vegetable-based inks when quantity lets us to do it, recycled computer equipment …)

Saving Energy & Environmental Performance (staff awareness about saving energy, training of workers about the global environmental impact of the company)

That the wood used does not participate in deforestation.

Ecological, economic and social standards are respected.

Environmental actions in daily life of company

Responsible purchasing by using certified paper

Workers :

As stated and guaranteed in our mission statement

the family environment within our company is one of the things we pay the most attention, no matter how many people our team became or will become in the future.
Morning yoga classes, birthdays and many team activities support this team spirit we believe brought us where we are today.

We are working on being a socially responsible company we have an obligation not only to our workers, but also to society at large.