Who we are

Mertiz Offset Packaging is an institutionalized family company, which aims customer satisfaction.

It has been producing cardboard and paper packaging in Turkey since 1985.
Our company has been supplying the demands and requirements of pastry, chocolate, fast food, ready-to wear industries with luxury cardboard bags, paper bags, cardboard packaging and boxes.

Mertiz Ofset is located in its 7000 sqm plant, equipped with machines all made in Europe and supported by more than 100 people, who are working for excellent production. With this equipment and manpower, Mertiz Ofset Packaging is exporting to 44 countries, hundreds of cities, from Australia to USA, with a daily production capacity of 15.000 personalized hand-made bags and 500.000 industrial boxes.


Established in

Close to the airport
main transport points

ISO 22000
FSC certificates

Over 3000 projects
per year

All production steps
under one roof


Social responsibility

Why Mertiz Offset ?

Reasons to choose Mertiz Offset

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Exportation experience to 100s of cities in 44 different countries
  • Experienced R&D (Research and Development) department for producing Specialized packaging
  • High speed in developing new products
  • Expert team for cost optimization
  • Opportunity of cooperating with international packaging designers and experts
Preparing punch form

The size and type of the needed packaging are defined together with the client. Then a master form of the packaging is prepared.
An unprinted mock-up is produced and sent, for you to see the material and to test the size.


The artwork or logo is worn on the form according to the information received from the customer or the agency.


Paper or cardboard is printed and controlled by the latest technology machines, with precision and high ink quality.


Finishing and various applications such as: Lamination, hot foil, emboss, deboss is applied with high precision.


Up to 6points folding and gluing, carton erecting, hand folding, or rigid box making is done by latest technology machines or by hand folding team which consists of experts.

Packing and logistics.

Your products are packed with the most volume efficient ways and transported only with trustworthy and professional logistics companies


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us